Everything You Need to Know About the Best Elk Hunting in Idaho

Hunting has been an Idaho pastime for centuries. When you stay at Redfish Lake Lodge, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go on a hunt of your own. One of the most popular creatures to go after is elk, and there are plenty here! So, where is the best elk hunting in Idaho? Here is what you need to know. Access our complimentary Vacation Guide for the inside scoop on planning your trip to Central Idaho!

About Elk Hunting in Idaho

Idaho is an incredible place to go elk hunting in; it is estimated that there are more than 107,000 elk in the state! These creatures can be a challenge to even the best hunters. They are known to be quick and smart enough to vanish without a trace. It’s an excellent challenge during your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge!

Who to Go Elk Hunting With

Mystic Saddle Ranch

If you’re looking for some of the best elk hunting in Idaho, Mystic Saddle Ranch offers tons of options. With more than 45 years of experience, you know you are in good hands no matter which excursion you choose. Each guided hunt varies based on time of year and location. Once you have chosen your excursion, you can decide whether you want a private hunt or to bring a friend. From there, the experts at Mystic Saddle Ranch can customize your trip.

Not only are they experts on guiding, they are experts at packing as well. The best part? They are able to pack out your “monster bull” if you decide to guide yourself! Contact them for information on what exactly they offer when you start planning your trip.

Middle Fork Outfitters

Middle Fork Outfitters is known for having more than two decades of hunting and guiding experience. They aim to share their passion of the outdoors with everyone that they guide! Their hunting season starts mid-September and ends in November and they usually guide 7 hunts each year. Your best bet would be to join one of their first hunts so you can enjoy it during your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge! These are always during bugle season and are some of the most exciting. Their area, the Frank Church Wilderness, is one of the only places you can hunt elk with a rifle while they are in the rut!

Experience the Best Elk Hunting in Idaho

cabinIf you want to experience the best elk hunting in Idaho, start by planning your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge. Many of the hunting excursions offered in Central Idaho have camping involved, so a stay in one of our cozy accommodations will be a welcomed respite from the wilderness while still being surrounded by nature. You’ll have access to our lake and on-site activities so you can get a little relaxation in before heading back to the real world. Plus, our other properties are another great option! Many of our other locations are opened even longer than Redfish Lake Lodge so you can plan a hunting stay during the fall. The possibilities are endless!