Soak Your Day Away in the Amazing Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs

Your trip to Idaho should be the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Take a break from reaching new heights on the mountaintops and braving the rapids of the Salmon River to rejuvenate. One of our favorite places to do so is in our state’s natural hot springs. Let the warm waters of Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs wash the stresses of everyday life away!

Are you planning a trip to Idaho? Our complimentary Vacation Guide is here to help! We know that planning a trip can be challenging, so we created our free guide to save you from hours of research. In it, you’ll find everything from relaxing activities like a soak in the Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs to thrilling excursions like mountain biking.

What Is a Hot Spring?

A hot spring is a naturally occurring pool of heated water that has risen from the earth’s crust. The water in these springs is heated geothermally, meaning that the heat has been produced from the earth’s mantle. When a crack in the mantle occurs, heat from the core travels up to the surface, pushing water along the way. With so much pressure, the water rises quickly and does not have time to cool. This naturally creates pools of varying temperatures, just like the Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs!

About Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs

There are two thermal pools at the Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs. Both have a gravel bottom so the water can naturally bubble up through the ground at almost 3 cubic feet per second. These mineral springs continually fill, so they constantly circulate to provide fresh water for the guests.  

Visiting the Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs

While your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge will certainly be full of incredible adventures like white water rafting and fly fishing, vacations should also give you time to relax. The hour and a half drive from Redfish Lake Lodge to Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs will be well worth it after you have fully rejuvenated. Let your worries slip away ask you soak in the Therapy Pool. In the naturally heated water, you will truly feel like you are one with nature. Close your eyes as you float in the hot springs until you have reached the perfect state of relaxation.

Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs Details

There are 2 pools at the Challis, Idaho, Hot Springs. The Large Pool is regulated to 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit; it provides comfortable swimming. The Therapy Pool is unregulated, so it can be anywhere from 105 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

You must be 18 or older to enter the pools and register as a member. Day-use passes are available for just $10! Monthly memberships are also available.

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