Fly Fishing in Stanley, Idaho, Is Fun for the Whole Family!

Calling anglers of all ages and skill levels! During your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge, you’ll have easy access to the serene Redfish Lake and other waterways in our rugged area. One of our favorite pastimes is fly fishing in Stanley, Idaho. This seasonal activity allows you to catch rainbow trout, mountain whitefish, Chinook salmon, and many other species from spring to fall. From alpine lakes to quiet streams to rushing rivers, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to spend the day reeling in fish and reconnect with nature.

Let our friendly staff at Redfish Lake Lodge help you create the perfect adventures on your family vacation. When you request 24-hour access to our Online Vacation Guide, you’ll find our top recommendations for where to eat, where to relax, and where to go fly fishing in Stanley, Idaho. Our interactive guide also showcases our featured accommodations and delightful amenities!

These 5 Companies Offer the Some of the Best Fly Fishing in Stanley, Idaho

With so many places to go fly fishing in Stanley, Idaho, you’re sure to find the ideal spot to cast a line. If you plan to participate in this activity, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game requires anyone over the age of 14 to have a license, so make sure to obtain one! Before you go, stop in our General Store to gear up for a self-guided expedition, or join in the expert fishermen at one of these five companies.

Sawtooth Fishing Guides

Bring your raincoat, sense of wonder, and adventurous spirit with you on your journey with the Sawtooth Fishing Guides, a part of Silver Creek Outfitters. In nearby Ketchum, experience the National Forest with one of the expert guides on a 4-to-8-hour trip. Wade in the shallow off of the banks of Silver Creek, The Big Wood, The Big Lost, Copper Basin, Salmon River, Headwaters of The Middle Fork, and The Little Wood, and reel in the “Big One” with an expert angler by your side. Wherever you decide to fish, you’re sure to have an incredible time!

The River Company

Reel in the biggest catch of the day with The River Company. This local favorite provides a unique experience known as float fishing. You can choose to sit or stand in a small craft built for two with supervision from a resident guide. If you want to a few hours or all-day fly fishing in Stanley, Idaho, tailor your trip to your schedule to explore the 11-mile stretch of the Salmon River in Stanley to the fullest. Be on the lookout for the Westslope Cutthroat and Rainbow trout, which teem the waters in Central Idaho. If you are looking for another on-the-water adventure, consider booking a white water rafting journey with them as well!

Sawtooth Adventure Company

When you go fly fishing in Stanley, Idaho, with the Salmon River Anglers, you can choose from three different excursions. As you browse, consider booking the one-day trip, which departs from the Sawtooth Adventure Company, which is just minutes from Redfish Lake Lodge. Get ready to experience an up-close look at our area’s most popular fish on the Upper Salmon River of No Return and the infamous Middle Fork of the Salmon River. In addition, you can also plan many other outdoor trips, including kayaking, hiking, floating, and mountain biking!

White Cloud Rafting

This adventure company not only specializes in leading you down the Salmon River but also fishing it. When you book your fly fishing in Stanley, Idaho, with White Cloud Rafting, you can choose from three different experiences. If you are a newbie or even a seasoned pro, consider attending the Fly Fishing Clinic. This fast-paced, immersive program lasts from 4-6 hours and teaches you the basics of this delightful activity.

White Otter Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy this wonderful pastime of our area with White Otter. This company offers the unique float fishing trip down the Salmon River where you can reel in either the Steelhead, the King Salmon, and many other species. Many of the excursions meet in the Sunbeam Village and depart from there for your 7-hour, fun-filled day. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring a tube of sunscreen!

Redfish Lake Lodge Is Your Vacation Destination!

Once you experience fly fishing in Stanley, Idaho, bring your memories and camera full of photos back to your cozy accommodation at Redfish Lake Lodge or Redfish Riverside Inn. Our two rustic properties provide easy access to experiencing the rugged nature of the Sawtooth Mountains and Sawtooth National Forest. During your stay, you can hike, bike, or horseback ride along the many trails. Or, create an aquatic adventure at our Marina, which features boat, kayak, and other water sports rentals. No matter which way you decide to spend your time, you’re sure to have the best family vacation yet. 

We can’t wait to see you this year at one of our relaxing retreats!