This Is Why You Should Go on the Fourth of July Lake in Idaho Hike

The list of adventures to be had during your stay at Redfish Lake Lodge is endless. Whether you’re looking to trek through the mountains or soak in a hot spring, you’ll never run out of things to do in the great outdoors. One of our favorite hikes to take is Fourth of July Lake in Idaho. This expedition is easy enough for the whole family yet challenging enough to be an exciting workout.

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About the Fourth of July Lake in Idaho Hike

The Fourth of July Lake in Idaho hike is one of our favorites because it’s easily accessible. Whether you are looking to take a romantic stroll with your sweetheart or a hike perfect for the entire family, this is the perfect option! The trail itself is short enough to not be challenging and has an elevation gain of 615 feet. Plus, it is pet-friendly and horse accessible.

Getting to Fourth of July Lake in Idaho

To get to Fourth of July Lake, you’ll have to start by car. From Redfish Lake Lodge, drive south on Highway 75 until you reach the Fourth of July road. Take a 10-mile gravel road to the trailhead. There, you will find a large parking lot on the eastern side of the highway and the trailhead to begin your trek. During your hike, you’ll pass over flowing streams and through towering trees. The wilderness creates a gorgeous background to your excursion. Keep in mind that it is uphill the entire way, so the way to the lake will be more challenging than the way down.

At Fourth of July Lake in Idaho

The battle of the uphill excursion will pay off once you reach the lake. Nestled in a meadow at the base of towering mountains, the sparkling lake will take your breath away. Take a moment to appreciate the reflection of the White Cloud Mountain Range and clouds can be seen in the still waters as you catch your breath. We recommend packing a picnic so you can spend some time relaxing by the shore. If you bring your fishing pole, you can even cast a line into the clear waters.

Relax at Redfish Lake Lodge

cabinAfter your exciting hike to Fourth of July Lake in Idaho, come back and relax at Redfish Lake Lodge. Take advantage of all the things our lake has to offer! We have the exclusive marina at Redfish Lake; rent a boat, paddle around on a kayak, or go on a Sunset Appetizer Cruise. You’ll love indulging in water views from the shore! Browse through our cozy lodging options to start planning your trip. With everything from private cabins to suites, you are sure to find the perfect accommodations. Whether you are coming with family or your sweetheart, there’s something for everyone in the heart of Idaho.

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