Great Gift Ideas For Redfish Lake Lovers

Do you have someone on your Christmas List who absolutely loves Redfish Lake or the Sawtooth Mountains? Well we’ve got you covered with all sorts of excellent mountain opportunities. We offer Gift Cards to Redfish Lake Lodge that can cover the awesome gift ideas and activities listed below. Time is running out though, so contact us today to learn more.

Please keep in mind that Gift Certificates can be purchased online now, but they will be issued at the time of your arrival at the Lodge next summer.

Or get creative and find your own special way to include one of these ideas under the tree…

  • Create a Certificate on your home computer or mobile device
  • Include a photo and a clue or two (make them guess!)
  • Wrap a small token or souvenir with a clue or description

Here are some excellent ideas for including adventures at Redfish Lake in your gift giving this holiday season. Reservations for Summer 2017 open on January 3, 2017, so we hope to see you all on the beach for lots of fun this year! Questions? Give us a call at (208)644-9096.

Escape to Redfish Lake

An escape to Redfish Lake is a grand gift for anyone! We’ve got a large number of cabins, suites, and rooms to suit a variety of individuals, families, and occasions. From romantic getaways to family reunions, we’re sure to have the amenities to make your escape to the Sawtooths amazing. Learn more about our rates and accommodations.

Ride a Shuttle to a Sawtooth Adventure

A Shuttle Ride is a great, cheap gift for the adventurous wanderer. Our shuttles leave from the Redfish Marina at set times, every day throughout our season and deliver people to the Inlet Transfer Camp at the Lake’s southern end. From there, countless adventures await! Learn more about Shuttle and Marina Services.

Take a Tour of the Lake

If a shuttle ride seems a bit too quick, a Lake Tour may offer a more informative and laid-back experience. Tours leave the Marina at set intervals during our season and offer excellent views along with a guided description of the local area, geography, wildlife, and more. Learn more about Tours and Marina Services.

Enjoy a Pontoon Boat Ride

If you’d prefer a more private Lake experience, you might be interested in the gift of a private Pontoon Boat Rental. We’ve got multiple boats that can fit large groups and families, so this offers a fun and unique way to enjoy the water on hot summer days. Learn more about Rentals and Marina Services.

Watch the Sunset on a Private Cruise

Looking for a more luxurious Redfish Lake experience? Reserve a private Sunset Cruise for a romantic experience that you won’t soon forget. Our driver will escort your group about the Lake as you enjoy delicious appetizers from excellent restaurant menu. Learn more about the Sunset Cruise and Marina Services.

Eat Lunch & Treats at the Gazebo

The Gazebo is an excellent spot for a quick, but delicious meal – or even better, a yummy snack, like Living The Dream Soft Serve Ice Cream. It’s the perfect spot to share with your kids or friends, especially after a long hike, ride, or water adventure. Learn more about the Gazebo and Dining Services.

Share Dinner in the Lodge

Looking for a more intimate dining experience? The Lodge Restaurant is ready to serve you. We’ve got incredible, Northwest-inspired menu items that are regionally-sourced and cooked with a great deal of care and love. This is a gift and experience that’s sure to impress. Learn more about the Lodge Restaurant. Learn more about the Restaurant and Dining Services.

Grab Drinks at the Lounge

If you’re looking for a dining or drinking experience that’s casual, but refined, share a drink or two in the Redfish Lounge. This rustic bar environment offers fantastic drinks with a laid back vibe, and the service is amazing! Hungry? Just ask for the bar menu. Learn more about the Lounge and Dining Services.

Snag a Souvenir in the General Store

The General Store is a perfect spot to use a Gift Card, providing a wide assortment of souvenir items, such as clothing, hats, accessories, jewelry, camping supplies, groceries, drinks, and so much more. We’ve got almost anything you need to survive in the Sawtooths.

Sip Wine in your Room

There’s nothing quite like a nice glass of wine at Redfish Lake, and it can be even more perfect during a quiet night on the front porch of your cabin. We’ve got great reservation packages which include wine in your room, or you can simply stop by the General Store for a bottle.

As you can tell, there are plenty of ways to share the love of Redfish Lake this holiday season – and throughout the year! We hope you’ll spread some Sawtooth cheer and start planning your trip to the Lake early this year.

Merry Christmas to All from Redfish Lake Lodge!