Redfish Lake Lodge: In The News…

Sunset Magazine detailed Redfish Lake Lodge as one of its Best Cabin Getaways. This list of 37 is filled with some amazing and famous places, so it’s wonderful to see Redfish Lake Lodge among the ranks. Read more here:

Sunset Magazine ranked Point Campground (near Redfish Lake Lodge) one of its top 3 campgrounds in Idaho. The brief article suggests stopping by the Lodge for food and fun. Read more here:

Sunset Magazine lists several activities at Redfish Lake Lodge and nearby in its article, Sawtooth Mountains: The Hidden Rockies. The area is highlighted for its natural beauty and fun physical activity. Read more here:

National Geographic named the Sawtooths Roadtrip (Looping from Boise to Stanley to Ketchum) as one of its Drives Of A Lifetime. This wonderful article details many area highlights and illustrates just how amazing our piece of Idaho can be. Read more here:

In August 2013, The New York Times published an article, entitled “Your Own Private Idaho,” in which Stanley and Redfish Lake were lovingly described as a fantastic alternative to the overcrowded National Parks nearby. Area activities are highlighted against the backdrop of hard-to-find solitude which our area has become famous for. Read more here:

In March 2013, Outdoor Photographer briefly wrote up Redfish Lake as one of its favorite places to photograph. The author highlights misty spring mornings on the lake. Read more here:

In October 2011, Sun Valley Magazine wrote an article describing the planning of a wedding at Redfish Lake Lodge. They share some great ideas and show some great photos of a nice event at the lake. Keep us in mind as you plan your special day. Read more here:

In March 2008, New York Magazine highlight central Idaho, referencing Redfish Lake Lodge as a great place to stay “closer to home.” We represent a great taste of classic Idaho by highlighting natural beauty and quality experience. Read more here:

In December 2007, writer Tracy Ross detailed Redfish Lake and the Sawtooth Mountains in an article, called The Source Of All Things, which would eventually be published as a full length memoir. This insightful and heartfelt narrative is definitely worth a read. Check it out here:

In the January/February 2004 issue of Roadrunner: Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine you’ll find a write up of the 2003 Ride To Read event which visited Redfish Lake Lodge along its path. Read more here: