5 Reasons to Spend 4th of July at Redfish Lake

Flags and MountainsIn celebration of our nation’s independence, it seems only natural to escape to one of our country’s most beautiful natural gems. Redfish Lake definitely fits that description, providing amazing scenery and excellent activities for families of all sizes. Here’s a list of 5 reasons to visit Redfish Lake for your 4th of July Celebration, so read on and come up for a visit.


The 4th of July typically brings some of the most beautiful weather of the Redfish Lake summer. Temperatures haven’t yet reached their deep summer heights, while blooming flowers and cool sand make beach experiences awesome. Visitors who explore the shoreline can find miles of beach on the northern shore of the lake, making it possible to find private spaces on even the busiest summer beach days. There are also fantastic swimming and fishing options near the inlet on the southern end of the lake. This area is accessible only by boating, hiking, or biking, so be sure to make your plans to visit Jump Rock and some of the other fun features nearby. Redfish Lake Lodge Marina offers shuttles throughout the day.


The 4th of July is a great time to head out on the lake for some fun in the sun. If you’re not bringing gear from home, the Redfish Lake Lodge Marina has a wide array of rental equipment that is perfect for enjoying some time on the water. Paddleboats are always a favorite of kids of all ages and Stand-Up Paddleboards are rapidly growing in popularity, so we’ve got plenty of each. The Marina also offers motorized (outboard) fishing boats which can be used to explore more extended areas of the lake. Visitors can find a variety of stationary docks placed along the shoreline around the perimeter of the lake


The beginning of July often suggests that trails at higher elevations are becoming less covered by snow. As snow disappears, more animals begin to appear and flowers begin to bloom, adding color and sound to every trail. This creates perfect opportunities for experiencing the Sawtooth’s natural wonders at their finest. While more people are beginning to explore the mountains at this time of year, the wider accessibility to more trails and deeper wilderness often makes individual experiences more solitary and special.


The Town of Stanley plays host to a fun, family-friendly parade which will begin at 5:30pm and cruise throughout the small town. Don’t miss your chance to participate or spectate in what is always an entertaining event. Ice cream and drinks will be made available by local businesses, while music will entertain the crowds leading to a Stanley Street Dance.


It’s hard to beat watching fireworks in a wide open park surrounded by the Sawtooth Mountains. This is a spectacular celebration, with a firework show produced by the Sawtooth Valley Rural Fire Department. The show starts at dusk so be sure to show up early and save your space. Attendees will find parking areas at Pioneer Park and the school atop the hill above town. Festivities continue in the various area bars following the finale.


JAMES ORR – Live on the Redfish Lawn from 6:00-8:00pm

James Orr has a style all his own, combining a variety of instrumental and electronic sounds into loop tracks which accompany his cool vocals to create uniquely alternative rock. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to see this talented engineer paint layer after layer of sound while entertaining our Independence Day crowd. It’s sure to be an unforgettable holiday for all.