Your Complete Guide to the Weather at Redfish Lake

Weather can make or break a vacation. The everchanging ebb and flow of Mother Nature’s weapons like temperature, rainfall, storms, etc., make for an interesting planning experience. That’s why we created this all-in-one guide to weather at Redfish Lake! While we can’t predict if a storm or rain shower will show up during your stay with us, you’ll have all the information you need to plan, pack, and travel to our remote mountain lake. There’s no need to worry about surprises as our summer weather combines a great range of temperatures depending on the time of day with little rain!  

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Redfish Lake Weather in the Summer Months


May is a beautiful time of year in the Sawtooths. Most of our snow melts, and ice (typically) thaws from lakes at lower elevations. Animals emerge from their winter slumber and return from their off-season homes to explore the mountains again, which makes this a wonderful time to see them. You can also witness the very first wildflowers blooming for the season. The weather during this time is usually a bit drier than April but still tends to shed a few scattered spring showers across the landscape. As the sun rises earlier each day and linger in the summer sky with longer days, the temperature increases throughout the area. 

Average High: 60 | Average Low: 28 | Record High: 87 | Record Low: 8 | Rain: .91 inches


June brings more sunshine and greater numbers of visitors. As schools let out for summer, Redfish Lake beckons more and more adventurous souls looking for a cool mountain escape. Water temperatures rise in June, making the water much more approachable for swimming. Daytime highs make sunbathing and boating a perfect way to enjoy the higher temperatures, while warmer evenings increase the fun of campfires. Don’t let the seemingly low temperatures fool you. Most of the lower temperatures and precipitation occur early in the month, so it is an awesome time to visit the Lake. 

Average High: 69 | Average Low: 33 | Record High: 91 | Record Low: 12 | Rain: .87 inches


July is in a close race with August for everyone’s favorite month to visit Redfish Lake. We can’t blame them. The weather is amazing during this month, offering excellent boating, swimming, hiking, and many of the other fun activities that make the Sawtooths awesome. You’re sure to find great music on the Lawn three nights during the week, great food at the Gazebo, and lots of activity in all the campgrounds – which makes family gatherings exciting for all ages. The moderate temperatures make this a fantastic escape from the triple-digit figures in Boise and further south. There are also many area concerts, events, and holiday celebrations to enjoy throughout the month. 

Average High: 79 | Average Low: 36 | Record High: 98 | Record Low: 15 | Rain: .47 inches


August is another outstanding time for Redfish Lake weather. This month is when families are saying their goodbyes while enjoying the remaining warm temperatures of the summer before returning to school or work. The low amount of moisture in this month – on average just 0.40 inches of precipitation – make this an incredibly popular time to embark on one of the many backcountry trails nearby for overnight adventures. Other August activities include boating, stand-up paddleboardinghorseback riding, and river rafting. If relaxing is your thing, there’s no shortage of private sandy spots to call your own. 

Average High: 79 | Average Low: 33 | Record High: 97 | Record Low: 12 | Rain: .40 inches


As we always say, “September is OUR favorite month at Redfish.” This is the time when temperatures remain perfect, and there’s little precipitation, but families are back in their work and school schedules, resulting in a quiet and beautiful time at the Lake. You might see some of the locals out enjoying themselves throughout the month. The trees and plants on the surrounding hills and mountains begin to put on their fall colors, making the area shine with every shade of orange, yellow, red, and brown imaginable. This makes hiking and mountain biking even more epic and colorful than normal.   

Average High: 69 | Average Low: 26 | Record High: 89 | Record Low: 1 | Rain: .44 inches


Very few people outside of the very dedicated visitors to Redfish Lake stay during the month of October. There’s just much more peace and solitude than most other months. Animal sightings become even more prevalent as they prepare for winter, and guests can take advantage of great low-season rates from Sunday through Thursday. Many of the campgrounds and area facilities close for the fall and winter months, and Redfish Lake Lodge typically closes after the first portion of the month – resulting in a few weeks of closing preparations and procedures before falling quiet. By the middle of October, snow usually starts to fall, and the area becomes covered in a white winter blanket. 

Average High: 56 | Average Low: 20 | Record High: 84 | Record Low: -10 | Rain: .84 inches

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