Sawtooth National Forest Camping Shows You the True Nature of Idaho!

What do towering mountains, thick forests, and rigorous hiking trails have in common? These are just some of the incredible things you’ll experience on a Sawtooth National Forest camping adventure! Escaping for a few days into the forest is a fantastic way to unplug and immerse yourself in Idaho’s rugged beauty. However, if you’d also like to pamper yourself on your trip, consider extending your trip a few days and stay at Redfish Lake Lodge or Redfish Riverside Inn! From our outdoor activities to spectacular views, you’re sure to fall in love with our area.

Before you make plans to experience a Sawtooth National Forest camping adventure, request 24-hour access to our free Vacation Guide to Central Idaho! You’ll find our recommendations for local restaurants, outdoor activities, and historic sites in our area. The guide also includes the detailed descriptions about the rustic retreats and on-site amenities at Redfish Lake Lodge!

A Snapshot of Your Sawtooth National Forest Camping Adventure

Our breathtaking area will help you feel closer to nature and more importantly, yourself. Whether you want to experience Sawtooth National Forest camping, or you’d prefer to treat yourself and stay in one of our properties, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore everything the forest has to offer.

About the Sawtooth National Forest

Located in Central Idaho, the Sawtooth National Forest and Recreation Area comprises 756,000 acres. As you walk through this spectacular area, you’ll see jagged peaks, mountain lakes, alpine meadows, and challenging trails. This tremendous area is preserved by state laws and has something fun for everyone to enjoy.

A major destination in the Sawtooth National Forest is Redfish Lake. This serene mountainside paradise feeds the several waterways in our great state. To start, the Salmon River winds through the Sawtooth Valley and meets the Snake River that composes part of our state’s Western border. From there, the water flows to feed the Columbia River. These intricate water systems begin in this rugged mountain terrain and continue to shape outdoor adventures in Idaho!

What You Can Do

As you explore this rugged place, there are many activities waiting for you. If you want to spend your time near the water, consider kayaking or fishing! Or, you can simply enjoy mountain biking or rock climbing in the Sawtooth Range. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the exceptional beauty of the area!

Other Activities Near Sawtooth National Forest

You’ll need to refuel from your all-day adventures. Redfish Lake Lodge has three exceptional eateries with an amazing meal for you. If you want true Idahoan cuisines like elk and trout, Limbert’s by Redfish Lake Lodge is that place! Or, keep your outdoor adventures going by having your dinner on the deck at our Lakeside Grill. Wherever you decide to indulge on our property, you’re sure to satisfy your culinary cravings!

Once you finish your meal, walk around our all-inclusive resort. You’ll see an incredible selection of outdoor activities at the Marina and plenty of places to explore. One of our guest’s favorite spots is the General Store. This old-fashioned shop has everything you’ll need for your vacation from essential items you may have forgotten at home to the best souvenirs.

Redfish Lake Lodge Is the Perfect Vacation Spot!

After your Sawtooth National Forest camping trip, reward yourself to a few days at Redfish Lake Lodge or Redfish Riverside Inn. Whenever you book your vacation with us, you’ll be surrounded by the mountainous terrain, towering trees, and alpine trails. Staying at either property also gives you easy access to all of the amenities at Redfish Lake Lodge including the Marina, wonderful restaurants, bike rentals, and much more. You’ll also have easy access to a glacial lake and an abundance of ways to reconnect with nature.

We can’t wait to host you at Redfish Lake Lodge!