6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Stanley, Idaho, in June

Summer getaways are fun for the entire family. The excellent weather and mild temperatures combine to create a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere perfect for outdoor recreation. Keep reading to discover how to spend your trip to Stanley, Idaho, in June. 

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Why Should You Visit Stanley, Idaho, in June? 

Spectacular Waterfalls 

Warming temperatures melt winter snow in Stanley in June, filling rivers, creeks, and streams to their highest levels of the year. This leads to roaring waterfalls and epic photo opportunities along many trails around Redfish Lake. Local highlights include Lady Face, Bridal Veil Falls, and Goat Falls, the Sawtooth Mountain’s largest plunge. Be sure to pack your rain jacket and boots. 

Wildlife Viewing and Blooming Flowers Galore 

The melting snow and warmer temperatures wake many animals from their winter slumber, while the snow keeps them down at lower elevations where food is available. This creates great opportunities for wildlife viewing. Explore trails near Redfish Lake like Fishhook CreekMarshall Lake, and the Bench Lakes to snap some pics of animals and wildflowers. 

Tons of Photo-Ops 

You’ll find plenty of amazing places to snap pro-quality photos during a trip to Stanley, Idaho, in June. Snow clinging to the Sawtooths adds depth and color to photographs, highlighting the mountains’ majesty and grandeur. The combination of newly green grasses and trees with fresh flower blooms against the blue skies provides the perfect recipe to turn any amateur photographer into an expert. Add in wild creatures, shimmering lakes, and roaring waterfalls, and you have it all! 

World-Class Hiking 

Hiking is one of the best activities in June in Stanley, Idaho. You can easily access over a half-dozen trails from the Redfish Lake Lodge and the Redfish Boat Shuttle. You’ll find trails for all levels of experience ranging from the easy Fishhook Creek Trail to the Marshall Lake Trail. You can’t miss out on exploring at least one of these pathways through our gorgeous wilderness.  

Relaxing Beaches 

The water is a bit chilly at this time of year (Low 50s), but for those that dare, June is a great time to enjoy your own quiet space on the beach. Children seem oblivious to the cooler temperatures, while parents can easily keep an eye out while escaping into a book on the shore. The Redfish Marina often has more rentals available at this time of year, so take the opportunity to paddle around or take the family out for a pontoon picnic. 

Revel in Redfish History 

While outdoor adventure and activities are king here at Redfish Lake, there is plenty of history around every corner at our beautiful lakeside oasis. Since the late 1800s, visitors flocked to our area for leisure, and in the 1920s, Robert Limbert created the Redfish Lake LodgeIt started with only a gas station, canvas tent cabins, a dining room, kitchen, small dock, and three cabins. The Rustic Cabins we offer our guests today (updated in 2006) were built in the early 30s. Since then, generations leading up to today helped shape Redfish Lake into the haven of family fun we know and love today. While we may not be pioneers, we continue the tradition of enjoying the gorgeous nature around our historic lakeside lodge.  

Plan Your Summer Vacation at the Redfish Lake LodgeRedfish Lake Lodge Exterior 

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