How to Make the Most of a Day Soaking in Sunbeam Hot Springs

The Sawtooth Mountain range is home to an embarrassment of natural wonders. While you’ll find more hiking, rafting, biking opportunities than you can imagine, soaking in Sunbeam Hot Springs is a highlight. After all, who doesn’t love soaking in a naturally heated thermal pool while gazing across a babbling river at breathtaking mountain scenery? 

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About Sunbeam Hot Springs

Sunbeam Hot Springs consists of a network of man-made pools lining the Salmon River. All of these foundations have gravel or sand lining the bottom along with boulder-lined walls separating them from the river. A thermal spring feeds the pools from a stream cascading down a nearby hill. This is a fantastic place to relax, listen to the calming sounds of the river, and soak in the beautiful scenery after a rafting trip with White Otter Outdoor Adventures.

Visiting Sunbeam Hot Springs

Guests staying at the Redfish Lake Lodge have an easy route up to Sunbeam Hot Springs. Once you reach Highway 75, turn left and head north past Stanley, Boat Box Hot Springs, and several campgrounds until you see the old bathhouse on the right side of the road. There is an extended shoulder where you can park for free with a path leading down to the hot springs. Here is a route for the 25-minute trip from Redfish. 

Unlike most thermal springs in the area, Sunbeam Hot Springs doesn’t bring in as many large crowds, making it a great spot to relax without having to wait or pile into a pool with tons of other visitors. The area is open year-round, so whether it’s cold and snowy or warm and sunny, you can kick back and soak in the springs.

Tip: To avoid any crowds that may come in throughout the day, visit in the morning for the best experience.

Sunbeam Hot Springs Details

Sunbeam Hot Springs stays at a consistent 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The historic bathhouse isn’t open, but there is a covered changing area that is open to the public. Bathers should use caution when wading into the pools, as some of the rocks have a slippery algae-like covering on them. 

Another fantastic benefit of taking a trip to this hot spring is the wildlife viewing potential. Elk, deer, bears, and even eagles may make an appearance on the banks of the river, so keep an eye out!

Other Central Idaho Hot Springs

There is a collection of hot springs within driving distance of Stanley. In addition to Sunbeam Hot Springs, you’ll find Boat Box, Kirkham Hot Springs, Pine Flats Hot Springs, and Challis Hot Springs. All of these hot spots are fantastic places to revel in the stunning Sawtooth wilderness.

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