You may have noticed all the “crazies” running along Highway 75…
Allow us to explain.

How Does It Work?

Though its ancestry dates back as far as the early 1990’s, the most recent revision of the Sawtooth Relay has been held every June since 2002. According to the records, a previous version of the race – the “long course” – ran from 1990 to 2001 (except 1994 & 1995), but covered a slightly different distance. Regardless of the course or distance, however, this event has been gathering exciting and fun teams of athletic individuals to run in the scenery of the Sawtooths for 25 years! That’s awesome given the amount of change that has occurred in Idaho over the same period. (Think about it…Have you seen Eagle Rd.?)

The current course of the race runs from Stanley Elementary School, which sits next to Pioneer Park atop the hill above the town of Stanley, all the way to Atkinson Park in Ketchum – 61.9 Miles south! Participants are spread across the course according to the speeds/times they’ve reported, which means that race start times begin as early as Midnight, to ensure all teams are finishing in proper time (enjoying cooler running temperatures, less sunburn, and cold beer at the finish). Over the course of 12 legs, the incredibly hard-working teams of 6 runners (& support van) enjoy unparalleled scenery while climbing a staggering, 2,361 feet of vertical elevation – and losing over 3,201 feet in descent.

After the start of the race, each athlete begins their individual leg at an exchange point along the course. The participant runs approximately 5 miles within that stretch before “handing off” to their teammate at the next exchange. Teams benefit from strategically organizing the strength of their runners according to the climbs and difficulty ratings of specific stretched along the race course, but most teams are heavily exhausted by the end of the event.

How Do We Celebrate?

Upon arrival at Atkinson Park, in Ketchum, teams and volunteers are rewarded by a large party with favorite local food, drinks, and music. Organizers will be serving Clear Springs Foods trout, Bratwurst, Alpicella rolls, Simplot potatoes and cous cous salad, and strawberry shortcake from Simplot and Perry’s Deli. Drinks will include limeade soft drinks and Grand Teton Brewing micro-brew beer. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to mix finely-tuned athletic performance and delicious mountain fare for a one-of-a-kind climbing/racing/eating/endurance experience – only found in Idaho. We can’t wait to see you there!

Who Does The Event Help?

The Sawtooth Relay is a non-profit corporation, dedicated to promoting awareness and financial assistance to two separate charities. Proceeds from the event are shared with the Kidney Institute at the University of Kansas, as well as the Idaho Donor Network. Participants and spectators are strongly encouraged to help support these great organizations, and are invited to join the family of organ donors at yesidaho.com.

For more detailed event information, visit http://www.sawtoothrelay.com.