How long is the lake? How deep? What circumference?

  • 5 miles long
  • 1 mile wide
  • 387 feet deep
  • 11 mile circumference
  • The trail to hike around the lake is actually 17 1/2 miles.

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What is the average temperature of the lake?

It ranges from freezing (solid) to a high of around 67 degrees Fahrenheit in late July & early August. Kids don’t seem to notice the temperature and will play in the designated swim areas of the lake almost anytime.

In the winter the lake freezes over with ice from 2 1/2 to 3 feet deep!

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When does the lodge open and close?

We open Memorial Day weekend and our last night is the late September or early October, depending on the year.

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Do the rooms have phones, TVs, or alarm clocks?

No, none of the cabins or rooms have telephones, TVs, or alarm clocks. There is electricity & heat, but no phones or TVs…you’re coming to get away from all of that! You may be uncomfortable at first, getting used to by the second day, and thanking us by the third and beyond!

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Will my cell phone work at the lodge?

Most cell phone carriers will work in “hot spots” around the property. The front desk and other employees can direct you to the best spots.

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Do your cabins/rooms have linens and towels provided?

Yes, all of our rooms are ready for you to show up and relax. We provide all the linens and fresh towels daily. We do not provide beach towels, so please bring them or pick one up at our General Store.

How do I have people get a hold of us if there isn’t phones in the room?

Rest at ease, you may have your friends and/or family call the front desk. We have a message board right in the lobby of the lodge that is checked constantly. If it is an emergency we can run a message to the cabin.

Is there Internet access?

Free wireless internet access is available at the Lodge and in some of the cabins. We encourage our guests to “disconnect” as much as possible, but the service is available.

What is there to do at Redfish Lake?

Relax and enjoy the scenery! Rent a boat from the Marina to explore the lake on your own. Sunbathe on the sandy beach. Hike: there are plenty of trails around to lead you to gorgeous backcountry. Saddle up at the Redfish Corrals. Stop by the Redfish Lake Visitor’s Center. Eat a hearty meal in the restaurant. Sip a cocktail in the lounge. Gaze at the Milky Way in the crystal clear night sky. Fish a nearby stream.

Head into nearby Stanley for river rafting on the Salmon or a massage at the Meadow Creek Spa & Inn.

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Who owns the lodge? Who manages the lodge?

Arlen & Derrel Crouch bought the Lodge in 1999. Their son-in-law and daughter, Jeff & Audra Clegg, manage the day-to-day operations.

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Where do the employees come from? How old are they? Where do they live?

Most are from Idaho but we get applicants from all over the States and even the world, so we are always fortunate to get people from such places as California, Illinois, North Carolina, Alabama, Alaska, etc. The average age of employees is around 21. Employees live in our employee housing, which is by the public laundromat & showers. We have an average of 65 employees during the summer season.

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Do the manager and employees live here all year round?

They would love too, but….. The infrastructure at the resort is not able to withstand the harsh winters in Stanley and the Special Use Permit with the Forest Service only allows us to operate from April 1 to November 1. So, all the water is blown out and the doors are boarded up and locked. The manager visits the property weekly during the winter and close friends in Stanley and the Forest Service deputy keeps a close eye on things in the winter. Jeff & Audra return to the winter office in Jerome.

How much snow does Stanley get in the winter? What are winter temperatures like? Is there are caretaker off-season?

In a good winter, Stanley receives 5+ feet of snow. Temperatures are cold! It can get to 30 below. Watch the weather reports: Stanley is often mentioned as the coldest spot in the nation. There is a caretaker to check in on the lodge: 10 if you count the bears!

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Where do the kids in Stanley go to school?

There is an elementary school in Stanley for grades K-8. For high school, they head to Challis.

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Does Redfish Lake Lodge run the campgrounds?

No, the campgrounds are operated separately. Call 877-444-6777 or go to for campground reservations.

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Which cabins are the oldest? Which are the newest?

The Rustic Cabins are the original cabins built back in 1929-1930 by Robert Limbert. The newest are the Honeymoon, Creeksides, and the Kokanee Suites completed in 2002-2003.

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What kind of wood are the docks made of? How many screws were used in the dock construction?

The docks are made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Builders used over 69,000 screws in the dock construction!

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What is the elevation of surrounding peaks? What is a good introductory hike?

Mt Heyburn is 10,229 ft. Grand Mogul is 9,733 ft

The Fishhook Creek Trail is a great introductory hike. It’s 4 miles round-trip, there’s not a lot of elevation gain, and there’s a fabulous, rewarding view at the end of the trail. The trailhead is across the road from the Backpacker’s parking lot, about a quarter mile from the Lodge.

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How is the fishing in the lake?

Fishing is great, catching is average. It’s best in spring and fall. Lots of people head to the nearby Salmon River for fishing.

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What kind of animals do you have here?

Deer, elk, moose, pine martin, fox, bear, wolf, chipmunk, squirrel, osprey, to name a few.

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