The Best Camping Near Redfish Lake

Redfish Lake is one of Idaho’s Favorite Summer Camping Vacation Destinations! While the Lodge does not operate or manage any of these campgrounds, we have a beautiful and strong connection to the campgrounds and want to make the Lodge a special part of your camping experience. We hope that campers at Redfish Lake will swing by for an ice cream cone, take a shuttle across the lake, grab a drink at the Rustic Lounge during our summer music schedule or simply stop by for some espresso or breakfast!

Reservations can be made for eligible campgrounds (Glacier View, Point and Outlet) at the website. Each campground is maintained by a set of Campground Hosts, who are seasonal employees that have dedicated themselves to ensuring that you have a safe, peaceful, clean, and enjoyable experience, along with all the other individuals that use the area each day.

Glacier View Campground

The largest campground near Redfish Lake is Glacier View, with 65 sites scattered throughout 3 loops. The first loop, containing sites 1-26, cuts along Redfish Lake Creek and offers unique and somewhat secluded spots. The second loop, including sites 27-43, sits atop a small hill overlooking the forested Redfish Lake Lodge campus and wide open views of the beautiful Sawtooth Range, towering over the lake beyond. The third loop, featuring sites 44-65, sits tucked away in Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pine, but more accessible to the road and pathways. This loop is often popular with bike-riding youngsters. Overall, this is a very popular campground that has the best accommodations for large vehicles, trailers, and the groups that accompany them. Reservations may be made for this site.

Point Campground

Driving past Redfish Lake Lodge, you’ll find a favorite Redfish Lake play area and camping spot. Point Campground sits alone at the end of the Redfish Lodge Road, with 17 sites – 8 of which are walk-in only. This campground is right along Redfish Lake – within view and a short walk from the Lodge. It’s so close that you can hear the Music on the Lawn performances at the Lodge each Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday night. As a result, this is one of the most popular campgrounds in the area. Reservations may be made for this campground.

Outlet Campground

Edging the lake on the north east side is beautiful Outlet Campground, with 19 sites stretching narrowly along the Lake’s beach-filled shoreline. Some of the best swimming can be enjoyed on the shallow north shore, so this spot is very popular with families, sailors, and daytime visitors. The short – but pleasant – Orion trail winds through the campground and provides an easy, but scenic walk offering amazing views of the mountains and the crystal blue waters of Redfish Lake. This campground fills up faster than most of the rest, so make your reservations as early as possible.

Sockeye Campground

The farthest down the road, on the east side of Redfish Lake is Sockeye Campground, nestled in Lodgepole pine and perched right on the shoreline. This campground is the newest – and most popular – first-come, first-served facility in the area. The 23 spots are well-spaced, in great proximity to a host of trails and small beaches, and usually fill up by early afternoon on most summer days. If you would like a site here it is best to try and get there early in the week so you can snag one before the weekend crowds. This campground is also open latest into the Fall, so it’s a popular spot for lake visitors, as well as hunters and fishermen, throughout it’s open season.

Mount Heyburn Campground

Mount Heyburn campground sits between Outlet and Sockeye, nestled against the hillside and situated slightly back from the water. This relatively small campground actually has large spots that are also assigned in a first-come, first-served format. Many boaters enjoy this location due to it’s proximity to the boat ramp and trailer parking areas. With it’s quiet environment, situated further from the water, this campground sees slightly less traffic than its neighbors; however, the large sites and general seclusion keep it busy throughout most of the summer.

Mountain View Campground

The smallest campground in the area sits right on the shores of Little Redfish Lake and enjoys pristine views of the Sawtooths, including the tallest in the Range, Thompson Peak (10,751 ft). This is the perfect spot to be if you’re looking to canoe or fish on Little Redfish, or attempting to capture some of the most amazing Sawtooth photographs available with little physical effort (it’s a fairly hidden gem). With only 7 sites filled on a first come, first served basis, this quiet and quaint campground fills up quickly in the summer months but can be enjoyed by those seeking a little more peace and quiet.

Chinook Campground

Neighbor to Mountain View Campground, this area has similar fantastic views on crystal clear Little Redfish Lake, but is just slightly larger with 13 sites and is located at the outlet of the Lake. This is a great location for adventurers looking to escape the hustle of big Redfish Lake, but remain close enough to participate in the events and activities. These spots are also first come, first served and tend to attract return visitors (and a quieter crowd).

Sunny Gulch Campground

Across Highway 75 and just North of Redfish Lake Road is large and semi-primitive Sunny Gulch Campground. With 45 plus sites, this campground offers reservations, but sees the least amount of traffic in the area, so many people just plan to walk-in here if other spots are taken. This location is popular with fishermen during the fishing seasons and it is typically accessible earlier and later in the year for recreation. While it’s a bit further away from the action, it offers a different variety of scenery and seclusion which is highly-valued by some travelers.

Redfish Overflow (FREE)

Near Sunny Gulch, but slightly further South on Highway 75 (closer to Redfish Lake Road) you can find an area referred to as “Redfish Overflow.” This area is totally primitive, with no established spots and facilities, but plenty of sites to choose from. This area is totally FREE, so it can get a bit crowded at times, accompanied by odd and cramped parking decisions. This is a great option to save a dime, especially during weekdays.