How to Make the Most of Your Mount Borah Hike

Redfish Lake is home to more than its fair share of incredible outdoor adventures for all ages and abilities. From kayaking along the shoreline to frolicking on the beach, there is something for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t venture out into the beautiful Central Idaho wilderness for some fantastic exploring opportunities. Mount Borah, the tallest mountain in Idaho, offers some of the best hiking and climbing in the state! 

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Everything You Need to Know About Mount Borah

Mount Borah Climbing Details

Mount Borah is the tallest peak in Gem State, which makes it one of the most unique hikes or climbs in our area. The journey up the mountain is about four miles and takes a full day to make it up and back down. We recommend leaving the Redfish Lake Lodge early in the morning to start your hike, especially given that we are about a three-hour roundtrip.

The trail begins near US Highway 93. The first 1.5 miles of the route weaves through gorgeous alpine forests before a steep climb in the terrain takes you up to the ridgeline. The grade lessons for a little bit before almost becoming vertical before you reach Chicken Out Ridge. This part of the hike received that name because of the many hikers choose to turn around at this point. If you continue to the Mount Borah peak, you’ll have to exhibit patience and careful footing until you connect back with the trail. Once you make your way through this portion of the mountain, there is a rocky half-mile portion of the summit before you reach the top. Enjoy the stunning views, and eat your lunch before heading back down the mountain.

Mount Borah’s Difficulty Level

Hiking Mount Borah is for experienced hikers in good physical condition. The steep ascents and rocky cliffs are very hazardous, so make sure that you adequately prepare yourself before taking on the challenging portions of the mountain. The weather patterns are somewhat unique and unpredictable here, so prepare yourself for sudden changes and plan accordingly. 

Tip: One of the best ways to ensure a safe hike up Mount Borah is to book an excursion with a local tour company like Sawtooth Mountain Guides!

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