3 of the Best Ideas for Things to Do in Redfish Lake When it Rains

When planning your vacation, it’s important to take into consideration rainy days, especially at an incredible outdoor destination like Stanley, Idaho. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite things to do in Redfish Lake when it rains! You’ll find that even when it gets a little wet outside, there are still tons of ways to enjoy yourself.

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The Best Things to Do in Redfish Lake When it Rains

I Want to Stay Dry

If you want to stay dry but still want to find things to do in Redfish Lake when it rains, head over to the General Store. Once you arrive, ask for our special rainy day package. While you may not be able to get out and explore the great outdoors, this is an excellent way to relax and connect with family and friends. Whether you’re playing a game of cards by the fireplace, savoring a delicious meal at Limbert’s while looking out across the lake, or reading your favorite book or magazine on the front porch of the lodge, there’s something here for everyone when it’s a little wet and rainy outside.

I Don’t Mind Getting a Little Wet

Ok, so you don’t want to stand out in the rain all day, but you also don’t want to stay inside and miss out on unique experiences in the area. Well, then you’ll want to explore this level of things to do in Redfish Lake when it rains. Walk over to the Visitor’s Center, or if closed, head over to the boardwalk. A scenic drive to Stanley Lake or one of the ghost towns in the area (Custer and Bonanza) are also some of our favorite recommendations (plus you won’t get wet). You can also head into town and check out the Stanley Museum or one of the local restaurants!

We’re in the Sawtooths—I Want to Get Out and Explore!

For those of you who don’t let a little water ruin their day, there are plenty of fun things to do when it rains at Redfish Lake. Try jumping in the lake for a swim (lots of times the water will feel warmer than the air). Hit the water and kayak with a rain jacket on to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors. You can also rent a bike or cozy up in a nearby hot spring. After all, the rain can’t stop you!

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