Everything You Need to Know About Kirkham Hot Springs

There’s always an outdoor adventure looming around the corner in Central Idaho. Whether you’re trekking on one of the many mountain trails or rafting down the beautiful Salmon River, you can always enjoy stunning views of the incredible nature in our area. One of the most fascinating (and relaxing) experiences near our properties in Stanley is stopping for a soak in Kirkham Hot Springs. These naturally formed pools are a welcome respite in between Boise and Redfish Lake Lodge, and provide the perfect introduction to your Sawtooth Mountain adventure!

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What You Need to Know About Kirkham Hot Springs

Why Should You Visit?

All visitors traveling from Boise to Stanley should stop at Kirkham Hot Springs. This naturally heated network of pools along the banks of the Payette River provides a fantastic starting point for your Central Idaho adventure! Although the Gem State has a long list of hot springs that are accessible to the public, a good portion of them features some development associated with human construction. Kirkham Hot Springs is completely natural, meaning that the pools have no human-made enhancements or structures. This is perfect if you’re searching for a true experience in untouched nature at its finest. A handful of small, steaming waterfalls gentle pour into the pools, adding to the already incredible experience. The sounds of the rushing river combined with the breathtaking views of Boise National Forest make for one-of-a-kind visit. 

When Should You Visit?

There isn’t a bad time to visit Kirkham Hot Springs. It never gets too hot in the summer, and the hots springs water feels incredible during the winter months. If you want to experience one of the most picturesque settings in Central Idaho, stop by during a snowfall and take a dip with a serene winter wonderland settings surrounding you. It is wise to strategically choose what time of the day you visit. There is limited parking, and the pools aren’t huge, so crowds accumulate pretty quickly, especially in the middle of the day. Try stopping at Kirkham Hot Springs early in the morning for a  less crowded experience. 

Where Can You Find Kirkham Hot Springs?

You can access Kirkham Hot Springs year-round on Highway 21. The site is about an hour drive from Stanley and an hour and fifty minutes from Boise International Airport. It’s a fantastic first stop on your way to the Redfish Lake Lodge. Take a quick soak with your family before hopping back in the car and continuing your fun and exciting Central Idaho adventure. 

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